Symposium on Membrane Separation Processes

July 20-24, 2009

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


The Membrane Separation Laboratory of COPPE, the graduate school of Engineering of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, is celebrating 40 years of activities on fundamental research and technology development on the applications of synthetic membranes.

The original research project entitled “Permeação através de Membranas” – PAM, (Permeation through Membranes) began in 1968, under the supervision of Petrobras engineers Marcos Luiz dos Santos and Dorodame Leitao, supported by the Scientific and Technological Development Fund – FUNTEC and Petrobras, and strongly backed by Professor Alberto Coimbra, founder of COPPE. A couple of years later, the Membrane Separation Laboratory was established in the Chemical Engineering Program of COPPE, and strongly increased academic and applied research in the membrane science and technology. By the end of 2008, more than 130 graduates thesis (MSc. and DSc.) were completed in the lab under the supervision of A. Claudio Habert, Cristiano Borges and Ronaldo Nobrega.

SIMPAM 2009 has been organized to celebrate this special anniversary and will be held in July 20-24, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, two workshops were included as special events: the I Workshop on Membrane Bioreactors and the II Workshop on Facilitated Transport in Membranes. The main objectives are bring out and discuss with the Brazilian scientific and technical community the recent research in Membrane Science and Technology developed throughout the country, with contributions of Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The scientific program consists of plenary lectures which will cover the state-of-art in selected areas, highlighting the main challenges for the future, delivered by international membrane experts, from academia and industry (from Brazil, USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia). About 100 selected papers will be presented in the oral and poster sessions. The topics include membrane formation and characterization; membrane processes such as MF, UF, NF, ED and RO and their hybrid operations; fuel cells; membrane contactors; pervaporation and vapor permeation; gas separation; and membrane bioreactors (MBR).

The first day of SIMPAM 2009 will be devoted to five short courses, aiming at introducing students as well industry professionals to the fundamentals and applications in membrane technology, including the fast growing MBR field. During the events, the participants will also be invited to visit the Membrane Separation Laboratory. The start-up of a new pilot plant for biosurfactants production is also scheduled.

The sponsorship of PETROBRAS and FAPERJ, among other companies, is kindly acknowledged, as well as the support of SBPM, the new Brazilian Society of Membrane Processes.

SIMPAM 2009 Organizing Committee

General information

SIMPAM 2009, I Workshop on Membrane Bioreactor and II Workshop on Facilitated Transport in Membranes will be held in the campus of Ilha do Fundão, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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